D’oh! Ten Goofs in Space

There are some situations even astronauts can’t train for

(Asif Siddiqi collection/NASA)

Caught on the Cable

Astronaut John Young on the moon

Working on the moon in April 1972, Apollo 16 commander John Young (shown here exploring Plum Crater) caught his boot on a cable for a lunar soil experiment, breaking the line off from its electronics package and ruining the project. “That kind of thing is almost unavoidable,” Young said in a post-mission debrief. “If the cables are way up off the ground, you never knew whether you were stepping on them or not. When you are standing in one-sixth gravity with a backpack (and a remote control unit on the chest) on, you’re looking about three to four inches in front of your toes…. I didn’t know I’d done it. And I certainly didn’t mean to.”


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