D’oh! Ten Goofs in Space

There are some situations even astronauts can’t train for

(Asif Siddiqi collection/NASA)

A Thousand Words

One of the few pictures of Gemini 10 docking with Agena

On Gemini 10, spacewalker (and future Apollo 11 astronaut) Michael Collins had double trouble: Both his micrometeorite shield and his Hasselblad 70-mm camera floated away from his chest pack. The July 1966 mission was the second successful docking with the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle (seen above, through the Gemini window), and Collins always rued the loss of his photos, writing in his 1974 book Carrying the Fire: “This roll of film must have at least a dozen of the most spectacular pictures ever taken in the space program—wide-angle pictures of Gemini, Earth, and Agena—and now it is gone! Adios, beautiful pictures.”


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