Haunted Airfields

For Halloween, a collection of weird tales about airports and aircraft




Several ghosts are said to populate London's Heathrow Airport. Dick Turpin, the legendary highwayman from the 1730s, supposedly can be seen riding a large black stallion (he committed a robbery on Hounslow Heath, which abuts the perimeter of the present airport). The Web site spookystuff.co.uk says that "people usually see, hear, or feel him behind them, especially airline employees. Many report feeling hot breath upon their necks or hearing a man barking and howling, only to turn around and find no one there." (How they could differentiate Dick Turpin's ghost from the ordinary traveler, given that description, remains a mystery.)

Other alleged ghosts include the victim of a 1948 DC-3 crash who wanders around looking for his briefcase, and a "half" ghost (seen from the waist down, and wearing a nice business suit) who frequents one of the VIP lounges.


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