Haunted Airfields

For Halloween, a collection of weird tales about airports and aircraft



(Sacbee.com/Stuart Hooper)

Haunted America Tours claims that the Sacramento International Airport is haunted by "Old Mr. Tibble," who "died October 5, 1982 of a heart attack. It is not known if he died inside the airport, but reportedly he has been encountered in the waiting area of a well known airline as he waits for his overseas flight. Stories [say] that when his flight to England was called, he did not answer, and the flight left without him. His body lay seemingly asleep through two crew changes until a flight customer asked him to wake up, and give his seat over to a woman with a small child. He fell to the floor. Apparently Old Mr. Tibble's spirit has been there ever since."

Unfortunately, the story isn't true. The airport (pictured during a tornado in 2005) didn't even have overseas flights in 1982, says Gina Swankie, a public relations officer with the Sacramento County Airport System. Looks like this one was a wild-ghost chase.


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