Mile High Militia

Meet the members of the 120th Fighter Squadron, who protect the skies over Colorado.

(Ed Darack)

To the Discerning Eye

(Ed Darack)

Says photographer Darack: "With my sun visor down, I took my portrait as a "fighter pilot." While most people might not know the difference, any F-16 pilot from that squadron will—by the name on my patch: "Jenny 1"—the "call sign" for all passengers on an incentive flight. I also forgot to snap my chin strap, an oversight no real pilot would make."

About Ed Darack
Ed Darack

Air & Space/Smithsonian contributing editor Ed Darack’s forthcoming book, The Final Mission of Extortion 17 (Smithsonian Books, 2017), covers the story of the people and circumstances of Extortion 17 and its downing in Afghanistan in August 2011. The shootdown was the single deadliest incident in the war in Afghanistan. The book grew out of his article in the Feb./Mar. 2015 issue. See his website and Facebook page for more information.

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