Our Favorite Children’s Books of 2012

The year’s best aviation- and space-themed books for young readers

(Random House)

Code Name Verity


By Elizabeth Wein 
Hyperion, 343 pp., $16.99 
Very simply, the best Young Adult novel we’ve read all year. Our advice: Ignore the bizarre cover art, and plunge into the wonderful story. While the storyline may seem similar to Violins of Autumn, Wein takes her novel to an entirely different level. We can’t say much without giving away the plot, but the story begins with a young female spy captured by the Gestapo during World War II, who is forced to write a confession. Within her confession — written on various scraps of paper given to her by her captors — we learn about Maddie, the young woman’s best friend and an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot. Sure to become a classic. Ages 14-up.

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