Paris Air Show 2013

Photos from Le Bourget’s 50th extravaganza.

(Adam Senatori)

Airbus 380

(Adam Senatori)

An Airbus 380 flies over Le Bourget on June 20. Getting close to the aircraft appeals to Senatori. "I could get within 100 yards of the A-380 while it landed," he said. "The Paris Air Show is a very professional, very polished event. It had almost a Wall Street feel to it. It's geared toward people interested in buying aircraft and aircraft engines." While figures aren't yet available for the 2013 show, 204,000 spectators attended the last show in 2011, along with more than 151,500 industry professionals. (The first four days of the biennial airshow are for potential customers only; the general public can attend the final three days.)

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