Supermarket Spaceships

These 1950s life-sized mock-ups helped prepare Americans for the real Space Age.

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Luer Space Ship on Parade

The Luer Packing Company, which sold packaged meats, had its own rocket to attract audiences around 1955. Likely based on the Terra IV spaceship from Space Patrol (there’s still debate as to whether Luer’s rocket is actually the lost Ralston Rocket given to Ricky Walker), the rocket had a 16mm projector inside to show space adventures. Peter Kleeman, co-director of the Space Age Museum, has one of the Luer promotional pamphlets that the young astronauts were given, titled “Frankie Luer’s Space Adventures with Davey Rocket.” On the back is a “Flight Certificate” stating “This is to certify that ________ has traveled to Venus, Mars, Saturn and the Moon aboard the Luer Space Ship.”  


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