Supermarket Spaceships

These 1950s life-sized mock-ups helped prepare Americans for the real Space Age.

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Restoring the Silvercup

“It’s how we once thought space travel would look,” says Air Zoo marketing and communication manager Patrick Brent about the 1950s-era rockets. The museum’s plans for the Silvercup Rocket include restoring the exterior and outfitting the inside as a traveling science education center. They want to return the rocket to its original mission: getting kids excited about science and space. Air Zoo is currently seeking a partner to sponsor or participate in the restoration. As news of the restoration spread, letters began pouring into the museum with memories from people who saw the rocket as a child, many of whom went on to become pilots and engineers. “A million kids toured this rocket on its original run,” Brent says. “Maybe it inspired a future astronaut or two?”


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