The World’s Best Pickup Truck

A mainstay of air transportation, the Huey provided the soundtrack to the Vietnam War

(Lt. Col. S.F. Watson (U.S. Army) Collection/NASM)

Radio System

(Lt. Col. S.F. Watson (U.S. Army) Collection/NASM)

The UH-1B's short-wave radio system was used for long-range communications, but it was sometimes tricky to use, recalls Alfred Iller, who in 1964 was the 62nd Aviation Company's executive officer. Once, his unit was sent from the Mekong Delta region to support the 101st Airborne Division near Cam Rhan Bay. Required to check in on a daily basis, Iller attempted to do so, using the proper frequency and call signs. He was answered by a unit in Ft. Bragg. "I believe these types of occurrences cropped up from time to time due to some atmospheric phenomenon," recalls Iller. "It was otherwise a useful radio for long-range communications."

Above: UH-1s in Vietnam, circa late 1960s, early 1970s.


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