When Pigs Could Fly

The F-111, beloved by pilots in America and Australia, takes to the air for the last time

(John Freedman)

Riverfire Festival

(John Freedman)

A photo from an earlier date shows Brisbane’s annual Riverfire Festival, held at the beginning of September. Since 2001, the RAAF has put its exclamation point on what is one of the largest fireworks displays in Australia, with Pigs contributing torches during the finale. “That is why the locals absolutely love this aircraft,” says Freedman. “For many non-aircraft enthusiasts, their memories of the F-111 were from the Riverfire display.” In 2007, the pilots added a new twist: the Dump and Burn Cross-Over, seen here in a 30-second exposure that Freedman made from Mount Coot-tha on the western edge of the city.


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