Bud Evans reunites with a piece of his F-104. (Laura Mowry/Edwards AFB)
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Who impresses you?

Lots of people — von Braun was one. He read science fiction. His vision was unbelievably large. From a teenager on, he was loyal to spaceflight. He pursued it through the doctorate in physics. The story of him and 118 Germans coming to this country in ’45, and the fact that our moon program rested on that man’s shoulders. He was a charismatic communicator, and presence. If you were within a hundred yards of him, you felt him.

Any aircraft that you wanted to fly but didn’t?

The SR-71. I didn’t have a relationship with it, but gee whiz. It’s just such an advanced animal — decades ahead of its time.

What kind of cars do you drive?

Of course I have a Corvette. I like the ’94 Corvette because it’s so simple. I had a ’58 Corvette — that is a classic.

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