Third Annual Photo Contest Winners

The year’s best shots, from astronomy to military aviation.

The "Readers' Choice Category Winner" for the 3rd Annual Air & Space Photo Contest. (Mike Busch)
Air & Space Magazine

Our judges had their work cut out for them again this year. We received nearly 900 photographs from all over the world, showcasing aerospace in everything from the exotic one-off Perlan glider to the ubiquitous Cessna 152; from enthusiastic airshow crowds to the star-filled night sky. Thank you to all who submitted photographs and to all who voted in our online Readers’ Choice poll. After a tough selection process, we present the winners in our five categories (Military, Civilian, Astronomy, People & Planes, and Readers’ Choice). Keep your cameras at the ready: Our Fourth Annual Photo Contest will kick off in August, so visit an aerospace museum, attend an airshow, or just keep your eyes to the sky, and send us your best shots.

Grand Prize | Winner

Stan Honda (Socorro County, New Mexico)  |  April 2014. “A total lunar eclipse as it progresses through the partial phase into totality and back through the partial phase.... One can see the moon entering the Earth’s shadow as it slowly moves from east to west across the night sky, on this occasion accompanied by the planet Mars and the bright star Spica. Seen above one of the dish antennas of the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico, the technological foreground subject provides an interesting contrast to the natural phenomenon occurring above it.”


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