Pete McLeod performs tumbles.
High-powered rocket takes off under the power of a showy skid-mark ...
Rubic's Cube high-powered rocket takes off.
Cessna 172 flies off into the sunset.
Rows of home-built high-powered rockets ready to launch at URRF in ...
A group of Harvards perform a loop.
Two Harvards soar upwards together.
The B-25 Mitchell bomber pilot looks back at its smokey power-up.
The Canadian Snowbirds perform a shuffle during an airshow.
The Lysander of the CWHM sits waiting on the tarmac.
CF-18 Hornet looks angry on the tarmac under dramatic skies.
Merlin formation with the Avro Lancaster bomber, a Hurricane, a Spi...
Silhouettes of Air Cadets can be seen under the wing of the Avro La...
Pilot of a Harvard (T-6 Texan) prepares for his performance.
Pete McLeod waves to the crowd after his performance.
CF-18 Hornet pilot lifts the canopy and exits his jet after a succe...
Canadian Snowbirds regroup after a successful performance.
A Canadian Warplane and Heritage Museum volunteer polishes up the B...
The propeller on a B-25 Mitchell gets an adjustment.
A home-built high-powered rocket explodes immediately after launch.

Anita Thomas's Photos on the Map

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