DC3 rivet line - symmetrical artistry
mission accomplished - fist bump on the ramp of a Chinook
eclipse setting over Joe Poole lake in Texas.
Total eclipse seen in Midlothian, Texas at 2:00 am April 15, 2014
The DC3 for 70 years has been flown and maintained by 4 generations...
DC3 sunrise on the tarmac
The polish of a DC3 reflects the grass below
"Over the rainbow" the British Dakota was built 1944 and later bec...
Takeoff - maximum altitude, minimum airspeed, the BO-105 Helicopter
Three operational DC3 flown regularly by Airborne Imaging in Midlot...
DC3 70 years old, flown and maintained by 4 generations of aviators...
Beech 17D illusion of flying

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