Charley Kohlhase’s Solar System

The images that awed Voyager’s mission designer

(Courtesy Charley Kohlhase)

Triton, Neptune's Moon


“Many of us doubted whether the cold kingdom of Neptune with its long-known moons Triton and Nereid could ever compete with the delights of the warmer planetary realms closer to the sun. We were therefore totally surprised to see the amazing surface of the large moon Triton, which orbits Neptune in a retrograde direction. This Voyager 2 image taken on August 25, 1989 revealed geyser-like eruptions of nitrogen gas and darker particles which were carried by faint winds downrange to deposit dark streaks on the surface below. Indeed, our distant robot had done its job yet again, using its array of sensors to feed our minds with more questions to inspire young scientists for years to come.”


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