Charley Kohlhase’s Solar System

The images that awed Voyager’s mission designer

(Courtesy Charley Kohlhase)

Voyager 1: Saturn


“I will never forget this beautiful Voyager 1 image of Saturn taken four hours after closest approach on November 12, 1980. I was sad that we would be leaving this great ringed world to escape from the solar system, but also hopeful that Voyager 2 would continue to dazzle us when it flew past this majestic gas giant of moons and rings just over nine months later. As Voyager 1 had successfully captured the Titan flyby objectives, this freed Voyager 2 to choose a target point at Saturn that would sling-shot it on to Uranus as part of its Grand Tour, but we mission designers already had great plans in mind for its sequence of observations within the Saturn kingdom.”


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