Taming the Viper

At Luke Air Force Base, young pilots learn to fly the F-16

Major Brandon “Cracker” McBrayer, an instructor pilot at Luke, merges with a MiG-29 adversary in a flight simulator. One Viper pilot equates flying the F-16 to "driving a Ferrari, whittling a piece of wood, and playing Stratego—all at the same time." (John M. Dibbs)

Runway 21 Right

(John M. Dibbs)

Major John “Razor” Giulietti lands an F-16C of the 61st Fighter Squadron, the “Top Dogs,” on Runway 21 Right at Luke. The base has parallel runways of 9,900 feet and 10,000 feet, providing plenty of room for new Viper pilots to practice their landings.


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