The Jet as Art

Jeffrey Milstein’s photographs transform aviation technology into fine art

(Jeffrey Milstein)

Jets on Jets

(Jeffrey Milstein)

"Both the art aficionado and the airplane lover can find a resonance in the images when Milstein's photographs are viewed in pairs and groups," writes Boyne. "Although all bear the uniform of high-speed flight—swept wings, streamlined fuselages, and arrow-feathered tail surfaces—each one has its own distinguished being, its own substantial content. There are subtle differences in how each one balances the size of the wings, the length and breadth of the fuselage, the position of the wings, and, always, the array of dangling features—flaps, slats, gear doors, and the fantastic undercarriage that sets you down (in the hands of a good pilot) with ease at three times freeway speed."


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