The USS Enterprise’s Last Tour

After 51 years of service, the historic aircraft carrier is about to be decommissioned

(U.S. Navy/Lt. Cmdr. Josh Hammond)

Red Rippers

(U.S. Navy/Lt. Cmdr. Josh Hammond)

The Red Rippers, commissioned in 1927, are the U.S. Navy's oldest continuously active fighter squadron. The squadron first flew the Curtiss F6C-3 Hawk, which had a maximum speed of 155 mph. In 2005, the Rippers transitioned to the F/A-18F Super Hornet (shown here over the Arabian Sea in September 2012), which can travel at a blistering Mach 1.8+, or 1,190 mph. Read about the squadron's 80 years of continuous service flying 26 different aircraft aboard 25 different aircraft carriers.


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