The USS Enterprise’s Last Tour

After 51 years of service, the historic aircraft carrier is about to be decommissioned

(U.S. Navy/Lt. Cmdr. Josh Hammond)

EA-6B Prowlers

(U.S. Navy/Lt. Cmdr. Josh Hammond)

Commissioned in 1973, the Rooks Electronic Attack Squadron 137 has flown three versions of the EA-6B Prowler on board six different carriers. The squadron's first deployment was with the USS Enterprise in 1974, assisting with the evacuation of Americans from Saigon. The storied squadron was on station in January 1981 when Iran released 52 American hostages, held since November 1979. Most recently, the squadron has supported operations in the Persian Gulf. Read about the Rooks' history here.

At right, two EA-6B Prowlers assigned to the Rooks fly in formation over the USS Enterprise in the Arabian Sea (October 15, 2012).


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