Latest articles | Air & Space Magazine feed for with the latest articlesenFri, 22 Mar 2019 19:00:00 +0000<em>Star Trek</em>’s Anton Yelchin Killed in Bizarre Car Accident 27-year-old actor played Pavel Chekov in three films, including the forthcoming <em>Star Trek Beyond.</em>Mon, 20 Jun 2016 16:04:14 +0000Danger Down Below new book explains what it took to make the first flight across Antarctica.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 19:00:00 +0000Lower the Boom's new supersonic X-plane won't rattle your windows.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000Lunar Landing Nightmares author’s job was to confront the worst things that could happen to the first men on the moon.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000An Aerospace Landmark Begins a Major Renovation Gyo Obata's marble-and-glass museum is home to thousands of aerospace treasures.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000The First Airplane to Cross an Ocean family photo album of a landmark in aviation history.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000At Catalina Island, Time to Send in the Marines 22 miles across the sea from California, an island's old runway gets a makeover from an unusual work crew.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000From the Director of the National Air and Space Museum every artifact is a story that begins with an improbable dream.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000Legends of an Ocean-Crossing Seaplane wide view of World War II through the blisters of PBY Catalinas.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000Apollo at 50: A Celebration Guide best films, events, books, websites, and souvenirs.Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0000