Apollo at 50: A Celebration Guide

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Museum of the Moon, October 2017, Leeds, England. (Museum of the Moon / Carl Milner)
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Here on the national mall, at museums and theaters across the country, at most NASA centers, and in cities and towns around the world, people will celebrate that one small step taken 50 years ago when a man from Earth first walked on the moon. We’ve surveyed the plans and selected some of our favorite ways to remember and learn about the Apollo program. Our suggestions for activities leading up to the July 20 anniversary follow.

Above: We begin with a rare opportunity to see the moon’s far side: The Museum of the Moon, an illuminated, 23-foot-diameter balloon, designed by British installation artist Luke Jerram from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images, will be in Providence, Rhode Island this July. Plans are to exhibit it at the Rhode Island State House. Check in at brown.edu/initiatives/ri-space-grant.

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