LIFE’s Eye on Apollo

Ralph Morse shot some of the most memorable photographs of the lunar explorers and their families.

(Ralph Morse/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


(Ralph Morse/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Mike Collins during a training session in an Apollo command module simulator. “I was able to go in, as I recall,” says Morse. He remembers that the interior didn't match the real CM. “It was the window that they were studying,” he says. “And it was a clock thing about what he should be seeing at certain times during the mission. He was fine with my being there.” Morse remembers Collins as highly intelligent. Once, in Cocoa Beach, the photographer was shooting Mike and wife Mary relaxing on the sand on the astronaut's day off. “He’s reading,” says Morse, “and has about six or eight paperbacks as his pillow. He read a book faster than anyone.”

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