Live From the Moon!

The picture may have been grainy, but it was some of the most riveting TV of the 1960s.


Armchair Space Walks


On Apollo 16, astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke explored the Descartes region of the moon. The rock visible on the left became known as “House Rock” because of its increasing size as the astronauts drew nearer. (When they first set out, it had appeared to be only half their size—a trick of lunar perspective.)

Beginning with Apollo 15, the color TV camera was controlled by Mission Control, freeing the astronauts to conduct their experiments. Additionally, Apollo 15 marked the beginning of the use of the Lunar Rover, which was used on Apollo 16 and 17 as well. The Lunar Rover enabled astronauts to travel farther in their explorations, and with the placement of the TV camera on board, the public could observe right alongside the astronauts.

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