Poster Boys (and Girls)

Astronauts show a lighter side in their unofficial crew posters

(Courtesy Sean Collins, Robert Markowitz (photographer) and NASA)

Star Trek: STS-134

(Courtesy Sean Collins, Robert Markowitz (photographer), and NASA)

Despite his experience with the Trekkies, Collins decided to use another “Star Trek” theme for the crew of STS-134, using the 2009 movie as his inspiration. The starburst on the left represents the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which was mounted on the International Space Station by the crew of STS-134.

From left to right: Drew Feustel (“Scotty”), Mike Fincke (“Bones”), Mark Kelly (“Captain Kirk”), Greg Johnson (“Spock”), European astronaut Robert Vittori (“Sulu”), and Greg Chamitoff (“Chekov”).


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