Poster Boys (and Girls)

Astronauts show a lighter side in their unofficial crew posters

(Courtesy Sean Collins, Robert Markowitz (photographer) and NASA)

The Matrix: Expedition 16

(Courtesy Sean Collins, Chris Getteau, James Blair (photographer), Bill Stafford (photographer), and NASA)

The members of space station Expedition 16 asked Collins to come up with a similar “tough” look for their fun poster in 2007. Once they donned dark glasses, Collins had an inspiration: “I told them they looked like the Matrix cast.” He pulled up on his computer the green background used in the 2003 film Matrix Reloaded, and showed the crew how it would look. “They loved it,” says Collins, “and they showed it to Space Flight Awareness [the department that approves all astronaut images]. They loved it, and so the SFA parody movie posters began, and have been a big hit ever since.”

From left to right: Dan Tani, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, Peggy Whitson, ESA astronaut Léopold Eyharts, Garrett Reisman and Clay Anderson.


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