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 In a forthcoming book on the space shuttle, astronauts tell it like it really is.

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In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the first space shuttle flight, the editors of Air & Space wrote almost all of the 260-plus people who have flown on the shuttle since 1981 to ask for their stories. Nearly a third of them -- current and former astronauts alike -- complied. The resulting Smithsonian book, Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years, will be published by Dorling Kindersley this spring.

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One of the hallmarks of Air&Space has been its outstanding photography. Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years continues this tradition with lavish use of the most evocative photographs of the Shuttle experience we could find.

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An unprecedented look at the Space Shuttle experience, as told by the astronauts themselves. The astronauts' unprecedented and candid responses reveal the drama of the Shuttle experience, from launch to landing, like no other book has to date. More than 300 stunning pictures selected from deep in the NASA archives, most have never been published. Personal anecdotes drawn from written submissions or original interviews with 77 Shuttle astronauts. Historical section highlights in words and pictures the greatest accomplishments of the Shuttle's first two decades. Complete with brief descriptions of all 103 flights from April 1981 to April 2001, Space Shuttle includes a foreword written by astronaut Jim Lovell, who was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the film Apollo 13.

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There's only so much you can fit in even a 320-page book. So here is a short but helpful (we hope) list of additional reading and viewing for Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years:


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