The Next 10 Americans in Space

The shuttle has retired, but the astronauts have not.

(NASA/Carla Cioffi)

Karen Nyberg


One way astronauts demonstrate their interest in long-duration spaceflight is by volunteering for planetary “analog” missions underwater or in remote desert locations. Nyberg (second from left) was a member of the NEEMO 10 crew that spent a week submerged in the Aquarius laboratory off Key Largo, Florida, in 2006. More than a dozen NEEMO veterans have gone on to live on the space station, including Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata (far right), who’ll be returning to orbit for a second tour (Expeditions 37/ 38) in November 2013. Nyberg, who has flown one shuttle mission (STS-124 in 2008) will precede him in May of that same year on Expeditions 36/ 37.

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