Jeb Corliss in Flight

I learned about it last winter and decided I was going to jump it the second I found out it existed, says Jeb Corliss, speaking of The Crack. Its a code name for a fissure in the Earth somewhere outside Zurich, Switzerland where hes spent much of the summer BASE jumping (Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth) in his custom wing suit. From the top of a peak whose name also remains guarded by the wing suit cognoscenti, he jumped and flew forward for a minute and 20 seconds, dropping only a foot for every three feet forward. Not content to fly above The Crack, he dropped in deep for some Star Wars style groove cruising that should make your head spin. Hang on to the arms of your desk chair. Video: Jeb Corliss. Outside camera work by Jeff Nebelkopf. (2:13)

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