January 1931: Girl Flyers Smash Endurance Record

GIRL FLIERS SMASH ENDURANCE RECORD DESPITE MISHAPS STORY LINE: Bobby Trout and Edna Mae Cooper beat mark for women and seek to stay in the air longer than the Hunter Brothers. Adverse weather does not daunt their spirits in the slightest and they say they are out to win. SCRIPT: “Edna May Cooper, on the left and Bobble Trout are ready for the big hop-off that’ll bring ’em fame or failure. All they want to do is to beat the mark made by the Hunter Brothers last year of 645 hours—that’s all. And there they go in the ship named for the first lady of California. Already they’ve made a new record for women endurance fliers. The girls ran into storms, and then had to cut away a parachute that got caught in the tail of the ship—and they were bothered with shiny noses and didn’t have a mirror—and now a rope from the refueling plane tangles up in the tail and they have an awful time. But don’t get discouraged, girls. There’s only about three weeks more to go.” Note: The plane in this story was a Curtiss Robin. After 122 hours in the air, Cooper and Trout landed the Lady Rolph after they had covered over 7,370 miles at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. The refueling plane, piloted by Bud Hussey and Ralph DeRose, transferred a total of 1,138 gallons of gasoline and 34 gallons of oil to them during 22 contacts. Location: Inglewood, CA; Release Date: 01/08/31 (0:51)

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