Mid-Air Bridge Party

USE SPEEDING PLANE FOR BRIDGE PARTY IN FIRST MID-AIR GAME STORY LINE: Society folk play cards half a mile above the streets of the city. The players are so absorbed in the bids that no one pays any attention to the dizzy heights. SCRIPT: “What will these bridge players do next I wonder. Well, here they go on the first aerial card-party ever held. The game has started and everything’s quiet. Nobody’s trumped her partner’s ace yet. Hey, eyes front there. Look where you’re going. They’re up 2,000 feet so this game can’t be on the level. One of the ladies remarked that if anything happened to the plane they’d all get a grand slam. Here they come down and the winners are collecting their dimes while the losers are thinking how different it might have been. A great looking plane. What a giant. They tell me there wasn’t a single argument over the game. Well, you know when the motors are going in an airplane you can’t talk. Oh, that’s mean, isn’t it? I wonder if they played for high stakes.” Location: Cincinnati, OH; Release Date: 04/16/30 (1:02)

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